Learn On My Own by Emigrate: Odd Analogies I Have Learned in Human Health Classes

Knowledge comes in many forms, and sometimes education comes in unexpected ways.

Sometimes, education is weird.  I signed up for a class on one topic, and instead I wind up learning more than what I paid for.  Sometimes these are deep, dark things about myself or others, simply based on observations and questioning.  Other times, things get put in perspective for me.  These are all “truths” I’ve found during my time being educated, which is a majority of my life.  Feel free to disagree with me on these, because everyone’s life experience is vastly different.

  1. People are like digits and limbs: What I mean by this is that relationships work so long as things are healthy.  If things become disconnected, then there is a problem.  Fortunately, like a severed body part (except for the head, at this point and time in science), sometimes things can be reattached and things are good.  However, people can also be toxic or drag you down.  This is when they become like gangrenous limbs; the need to be removed.
  2. Much like your organs, everyone has a purpose: In the body, it’s pretty fucking stupid to expect your heart to do digestive functions, or your liver to maintain conscious thought.  That being said, it’s pretty fucking stupid to expect certain things of people, if they have shown a certain nature.  I have found that some people I can go ahead and ask for advice, and their two-cents are really valuable.  Others, the advice they give is terrible.  However, those that don’t give good advice might be better at something else.  Some of my friends I can rely on for academic help, or companionship, whereas others, they would not be as valuable, but can offer me perspective.
  3. Bad attitudes can spread like a virus: Everyone has shitty days, amongst the good. It’s a normal part of life.  Hell, the bad days make the good days even better, because without the bad days, the good days start to become mundane.  However, there are just those who like to bitch and complain about everything.  The smallest issue can easily turn into an hour long conversation for whatever victim can be found.  I have become the “host” for this virus on several occasions.  Some of the people that I talk with just sometimes spew their infectious attitudes on me, complaining about something minor that really should not have been taken issue with.  Normally, I move on once this conversation is done, much like your immune system can fight of certain infections.  However, sometimes it can’t, or multiple exposures overrun you, and finally, you have the bad attitude.  Fortunately, I find beer makes a great cure-all.
  4. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: With dietetics, the main goal is to either prevent or delay some illnesses or diseases from occurring using prevention.  Delicious, delicious prevention.  This applies to peoples’ actions as well.  Telling people what pisses you off, or controversial topics before they start to address them, or even telling people what they did was unacceptable during a neutral moment, you can save yourself aggravation in the future.  Let me tell you, being pissed at friends and family fucking sucks.  Letting them know that there is an issue, and offering solutions to it, might cause some conflict in the beginning.  However, that little bit of conflict can save more hair pulling in the future.
  5. Much like a chronic disease, you must accept things the way they are: There are ALWAYS issues you can find with people once you’ve known them long enough.  Maybe they are a stubborn asshole who likes to swear all too fucking often (yes MOM I fucking know I have a potty mouth!!).  So here, the real question is:  am I going to change?  Hell no!  This is who I am.  Fucking deal with it.  Other people will also have negative attributes or vices that might cause issue.  However, some people will not change.  This ties back to my first point of people being like severable body parts.  If their issues become too much, then it’s time for them to go.  However, if their issues are something that can be looked past, then the best course of action is live and let live.


This is a topic I might revisit in the future, as I learn more and more and advance more and more in my nutrition education.  Or if I think of anything more.  Does anyone out there have their own analogies?  I think it would be interesting to see what other people have figured out.

By The Nutrition Punk

I am a dietitian living in Portland, Oregon. I write about a variety of nutrition and heath topics, with the goal of improving people's understanding of food and nutrition so they may be empowered against all the misinformation that is out there.

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