Twenties: Two Years In

Man, the Roaring Twenties sure came back, didn’t they?

So far, the revival of the Twenties have been a lot of things. But nobody can call them boring. Between crazy levels of inflation, supply issues, COVID-19 still being an issue in my profession and state, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, gas prices going through the fucking roof, it’s an understatement to say shit’s been difficult. For a while, I had to step away from most social media, and simply focus on my career. Luckily, it seems to have paid off so far.

For me, it feels strange to be returning to grocery stores or restaurants and seeing how many people are going without masks, especially when you consider the fact that many medical centers are still requiring visitors or staff to wear a mask. It’s just normal for me to put a mask on (surgical, N95, or even gaiter) and go about my day, since it’s what I’ve been doing once it was required at the store I used to work at. At this point, I feel kind of naked going around in public without one, even if I am fully vaccinated.

It’s also hard to manage a kitchen. There’s been several times this year where I’ve been asked to step up and run a kitchen. I’ve had very little experience in doing this aside from moments while working in undergrad or during my internship. Actually running it is a whole new world, especially when it comes to directing staff.

I can’t say that things are all that bad for me. Not only have I become more successful in my career, but I’ve been able to dedicate more time to my other hobbies. I’m still attempting to write some short stories to publish somewhere. Even the music has been good. Last year, Judas by Lord of the Lost came out, and it immediately was one of my favorite double-albums. Then this year Impera by Ghost came out, and out of nowhere (at least for someone more focused on admission evaluations than new releases) the new Rammstein album Zeit. Both albums kick ass for different reasons. Of course, with some disposable income I bought all of them, so my ever-growing collection of CDs is piling up.

Moving forward, my plan with this blog is to resume it at a casual pace. My starting goal is to have at least one article published per month, with the moving goal to get back into the weekly blog posts. I currently don’t have the same structure like I had in college. On top of that, my time and energy are now more variable.

By The Nutrition Punk

I am a dietitian living in Portland, Oregon. I write about a variety of nutrition and heath topics, with the goal of improving people's understanding of food and nutrition so they may be empowered against all the misinformation that is out there.

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