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Berried Alive by Avenged Veg’tables: Four Ways to Eat Berries

Ways I recommend eating the little fruit things

Berries:  those things that botanist and chefs argue about what should be considered a berry or not.  And I am over here talking about shit like phytochemicals and antioxidants while they argue over seed location and usage in food.  So how about for right now we say the chef is right on what a berry is (even though he probably is not) just for the sake of simplicity and understanding?  Alright, so here are some ways to eat the little mother fuckers


RAW:  Wash them and eat them.  Cannot get more simple than that.

IN SALADS:  One way to spice up your salad is to add berries, such as black berries or loganberries.  It will add a sweet and tart flavor to your salad, so it might not be for everyone

IN DESSERT:  What?!  Some weirdo on the internet named Nutrition Fuckboy or something like that is recommending dessert?  Well, here is the thing; desserts are delicious.  And apparently not sacred, since I am promoting changing them to make them healthier than they currently are.  So, as I said before, in case you were not reading, berries are sweet.  So, instead of using a lot of sugary pancreas-enraging ingredients, why not use berries in place of?  One way is to mix low-fat cream cheese to make it smooth and creamy, and use baked pie crust or gram crackers and add berries to that.  The end result is a berries and cream type dessert.  And it tastes pretty damn good.

IN A SMOOTHIE:  This kinda falls into the dessert category, but it also kinda does not.  So I am making it a separate category dammit.  Anyway, what you do is you take a liquid (like low-fat milk or water, I have not made it with milk substitutes so I have no idea how it would taste) and frozen fruits, such as BERRIES, and add them to the blender.  Other things can be added to make it taste differently or add more nutrients, but this is more or less a start.


Now that berries are starting to be in season, how do you like to eat them?

By The Nutrition Punk

I am a dietitian living in Portland, Oregon. I write about a variety of nutrition and heath topics, with the goal of improving people's understanding of food and nutrition so they may be empowered against all the misinformation that is out there.

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