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Detoxicity by Sipping Up and Down: A Look at Detox Diets

So, one time I was browsing “teh interwebz,” when I came across “detox diets.”  Giving a quick online search, I found that there were several outlets promoting detox diets.  So what the fuck even is a detox diet?  Essentially, the idea of the detox diet is to remove “toxins” from the body.  To do so, you must eat and drink certain foods for a set period of time (I saw one that was days, one that was weeks, and one that was ten days).  Among the foods being given up is caffeinated beverages, and alcohol.

The_Scream_PastelThe Scream by Edvard Munch, found on

Some other detox diets promote the use of enemas to clean your large intestine (enemas are some sort of cleaning thing for your asshole), drink nothing but fruit and vegetable smoothies or juices, or even buy supplements from companies.  To be perfectly honest, none of these sound very fun.  But, next comes the question of “do they work?”

There is not really any evidence finding that these diets even work.  So people are going through misery (I know for a fact I would hate everything in existence without my coffee and beer).  Functionally, your liver and kidneys are really good at removing toxins from your body.  Detoxing sounds to me like yet another fad diet that people fall for because of the promotion.  So why do people still do them?  Well, they might feel better because they are not eating refined sugars and fats, and eating more vegetables.

Some problems with detoxing is the fact that some limit the amount of protein you are eating, or causing vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  Some side effects of the colon cleansing (or, as I call it, butthole and large intestinal trauma) is cramping, bloating, nausea, and vomiting.  Sounds really fun now, doesn’t it?  Dehydration is also a concern, because the colon is where fluid absorption takes place.

So if you really want to have healthy “detox,” I would suggest that you eat a diet that is healthful to your liver and kidneys, with balanced lean proteins, and fruits and vegetables.  And limited (see limited, not eliminated) alcohol consumption.

So what do you guys think about detox diets?  Do you have any stories to share?

Please note that anything posted is NOT to be taken as medical advice, I am just some guy researching nutrition.



By The Nutrition Punk

I am a dietitian living in Portland, Oregon. I write about a variety of nutrition and heath topics, with the goal of improving people's understanding of food and nutrition so they may be empowered against all the misinformation that is out there.

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